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Campers from Lemonade Smiles, a Mount Airy City Schools Program, saw their hard work come together as they opened lemonade stands in two Mount Airy locations - the Jones Family Resource Center and Main Street at the corner of Oak Street and North Main Street. Students accepted donations at their stands and will be giving the money to the Shepherd’s House. What is Lemonade Smiles? A free, two-week camp that teaches entrepreneurial skills to students. Students have learned the skills necessary to be successful in the future and how to become contributing members of their community. Lemonade Smiles has taken students through the stages of starting, owning, and operating their own business. They have learned how to create a budget, set profit-making goals, serve customers, repay investors, and give back to the community that supported them via their favorite local charity!  It is so exciting to see young people with entrepreneurial spirits! Our future is bright!