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Mr. Gary York - Owner/CEO

His passion for celebrating community servants led him to begin producing “People Doing Good For Others” on WPAQ in 1998, which fueled his interest in local broadcasting and ultimately his purchase of 100.9 WIFM in February 2004. His dedication to the community extends beyond the walls of WIFM to include a photo ministry, a monthly newsletter, “The Communicator,” and prior service as a Surry County Commissioner and member of the Mount Airy City Schools Board of Education. He currently serves as a UNC-TV Trustee, a Guilford College Trustee and is a member of the Surry County Educational Foundation.

Joel Hooper

Being in the radio business just seems right for Joel since he loves all types of music and has played the guitar for the past 25 years. During his career, Joel has enjoyed all aspects of radio; especially…you guessed it…sports!!! Since 1998, Joel and WIFM have had the honor of covering 21 state championships “Live” with our teams going 15-6 (71 %.) Join Joel weekday afternoons from noon until 6 pm. He’ll play some music; we’ll laugh together, and maybe share a story or two. As Joel always says, “Thanks for listening, God bless, and I’ll see you on the radio!”

Danny Hall

The Yadkin Valley wakes to the friendly, pun-loving and self-effacing Danny Hall, but what wakes him? Dodging deer on his commute is an eye opener. However, the real secret to all that is Danny Hall is his breakfast combination of Diet Pepsi and Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Pop Tarts heated in the microwave for exactly 23 seconds! While Danny is an iconic local radio personality, he has equal recognition nationally by his peers and the country music industry though his years with country music powerhouses WTQR and WHSL.

Daron Atkins

Sports have always been an important part of Daron Atkins’ life. This love of athletics and his desire to understand all the underlying components of sports led him to become a sports official. Daron officiated his first baseball game at the age of fifteen and has since called semi-pro, college, high school, and recreational baseball, softball, basketball, football and volleyball for more than thirty years. He brings a different prospective to broadcasts through his understanding of the many subtle nuances of the game.