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Danny Hall

The Yadkin Valley wakes to the friendly, pun-loving and self-effacing Danny Hall. While Danny is an iconic local radio personality, he has equal recognition nationally by his peers and the country music industry though his years with country music powerhouses WTQR and WHSL. Danny grew up, literally, in the tobacco fields. He quips he got into radio because he wanted to work somewhere with air conditioning. Danny spent hundreds of hours listening to the radio masters on WOWO in Fort Wayne. He credits his vocal polish and neutralized southern accent to those voices coming through the radio years ago.

Danny wakes the WIFM listeners, but what wakes him? Dodging deer on his commute is an eye opener. However, the real secret to all that is Danny Hall is his breakfast combination of Diet Pepsi and Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Pop Tarts heated in the microwave for exactly 23 seconds! Danny enjoys reading. In fact, he has exhausted the NWNC libraries’ selections of murder mysteries.   Danny is married and has two daughters.