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Joel Hooper

Joel was blessed to grow up in the small town of Elkin, NC and, although he loved living in Boone and Wilmington, Elkin called him back home in 1998. Joel’s radio career began in 1993 thanks to Leon Reece, a man he considers one of his heroes. Being in the radio business just seems right for Joel since he loves all types of music and has played the guitar for the past 25 years. During his career, Joel has enjoyed all aspects of radio; especially…you guessed it…sports!!! Since 1998, Joel and WIFM have had the honor of covering 25 state championships “Live”.  We have some great teams to follow here in the Yadkin Valley!

Joel married the love of his life and best friend Leslie in 2006. They love to travel….anywhere. From weekend mountain getaways to hanging out on Bourbon Street in New Orleans to walking the rim of The Grand Canyon or looking up from the base of Niagara Falls. They also love trying out all types of restaurants… ALL types, especially those that are off the beaten path, from a cup of incredible noodles & beef from Chinatown in Philadelphia, to a hot dog stand somewhere between points A and B…it’s all good. Speaking of food, Joel loves to grill, so if you have great grill recipes or grilling techniques, he’d love to hear from you!

Join Joel weekday afternoons from noon until 6 pm. He’ll play some music; we’ll laugh together, and maybe share a story or two. As Joel always says, “Thanks for listening, God bless, and I’ll see you on the radio!”